Friday, 13 February 2015

Can You Make Money on Diply?

I was browsing Quantcast figures to see if there were any clues as to why my own were so dreadful.  I checked out the top sites to see how they were doing.

A site called caught my eye.  Dramatic growth in traffic as evidenced by the Quantcast graph below.  Look at those visitor numbers since 2014!

"So what are they?" I wondered.

Moments later I was looking at the Diply front page.  Let's look at it together...

Ah.  It's one of those sites.  Full of titles that hint at information you simply must know about - presented in bite size chunks as the frequent use of numbers indicates.  The 10 best this, the 4 worst those.

Diply encourages YOU to contribute.  Sign up with your Facebook.  Get social and get posting.

It looks like a fun read, a magazine style for the quickly browsing mobile reader.  The visitor numbers show how popular it has become.

So can anyone write for them?

Yes - they can!  Of course they can.  This is reader generated content for the generation that believes in its right to be heard.  OK, that's fine.  For some of us there is another question.

Is there any money in it?


Diply host adverts so they must be making a turn on the amount of traffic that comes through.  I checked their sign-up conditions carefully.

Sadly, there is nothing in there about earning for writing.  Sure I can share my thoughts and my legally obtained pictures and non-plagiarised copy - but as for cents...  None at all on offer.

If I have missed a trick and there is a way to earn from Diply please let me know.  But spare me the free publicity angle.  You need to shout pretty loud in that amount of traffic to get heard.

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